Counseling Services

Our Mission

Counseling Services assists students in resolving personal difficulties and in acquiring those skills, attitudes, and resources necessary to both succeed in the university environment and pursue productive and satisfying lives. Counseling Services strive to contribute to the overall educational mission of the University by facilitating the academic, emotional, social, and vocational development of students and by serving as mental health consultants to the entire campus community. Respect for diversity and a commitment to students’ personal growth are guiding principles in the work we do.

Who should use our services

The Counseling Services office should be your first call for any issue related to your emotional state, dealing with stress, handling a crisis, or coping with the transition to university. Students often come for help with concerns both large and small, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, chemical use, assault or abuse, relationship conflicts, grief, academic stress, and family issues.
Counseling Services can also be a referral resource when situations require off-campus care or longer-term therapy.
Services are available to all full and part-time students who are currently registered. Your visits to Counseling Services are free. UOS counselors act as facilitators to help students better understand themselves and the world around them. Open and honest discussion of feelings, behaviors, relationships and life experiences with a trained counselor in a safe, confidential environment helps you make healthy choices and achieve more satisfying life goals.
Counselors work with students to help them understand and explore how their feelings and thoughts influence their choices, decisions, and actions. Our counselors help students develop more effective coping and problem-solving skills.