Digital is squad is society of Computer Science students. Purpose of this society is to develop a health and creative skills among the computer science students. Society creates awareness in students regarding their academic and professional carrier. Only students of department of computer sciences & information technology are members of this society. Society opens its membership in the beginning of every fall semester once in a year. Members are selected through interviews.
To become a leading and unique society of higher learning in the university, known for its commitment in promoting high-quality, industry-responsive, technically-oriented and state-of-the-art skills among the students of UOS Lahore campus that fulfil the country needs.
Our mission is to make students to contribute towards the advancement of computing science and technology
We achieve this by doing following:-

  • Provide awareness to fresh students about IT importance.
  • Work for the promotion of IT department in our university.
  • Organize IT exhibition at the end of each semester.
  •  Help and guide the junior students by seniors in the study matter.
  • Coordinate with the university management as well as other societies.
  • Provide project advising services to students who are working on any IT project.
  • Work day and night to make our university’s IT department ranked as NO 1 University in our country.
  • Represent our university in any national competition.
  • Publish a magazine semiannually about IT revolution and the article written by students will be published in this magazine.

Previous Events:-
Digital Squad has honor to organized following events successfully on campus level.

  • “Cranium IT Expo” in Spring 2013
  • “Cranium IT Expo” in Fall 2013
  • “Code Exile” Speed Programming Competition in Fall 2013

M. Imran Khalil
Patron Digital Squad