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BS Psychology
MSc Psychology
MS/M.phil Psychology
MS/M.phil Psychology

In accordance with the mission of University of Sargodha, Lahore Campus, the Department
of Psychology provides an energetic learning environment at the undergraduate, graduate
and post graduate levels. The department strives to develop and apply knowledge and skill
sets that will allow faculty and students to engage in the theory and practice of psychology.
We teach, conduct research and perform services. While doing so we strive to increase
psychological knowledge among students, apply psychological knowledge practically in the
field and improve critical thinking and scientific literacy. We prepare the students to establish
research methodology and statistical skills, enhance written and oral communication and
produce high-quality research. We aim to foster an appreciation of diversity in our students.


The Department of Psychology have hired highly qualified faculty to serve the Department.
The whole faculty works in close coordination with the students and is always there to extend
a helping hand towards them. The students find it easy to approach the faculty members
and discuss their issues. Department of Psychology also provides counseling services for
students of the university. Students get help for their problems like lack of confidence, anxiety
during presentations, poor communication skills and others.

Psychology Department’s faculty provides rigorous classroom, research-based, and field
experiences in applied and basic areas of psychology to prepare students for their careers
and post-graduate academic endeavors. These experiences are steeped in technological
practices as well as ethical principles and are designed to prepare students for the increasing
diversity and internationalization of the workforce and academia. Students are exposed to a
variety of working set ups where they get to explore and apply the theoretical concepts learnt in class room setting.



At least 45% marks in intermediate or equivalent in relevant subject


                                 04years (8 semesters)

Degree Requirement:     

         Minimum 130credit hours


At least 45% marks in Graduation or equivalent (in relevant subjects)


02 years (4 Semesters)

Degree Requirement:

Minimum 70 credit hours


At least 50% marks in M.Sc. Psychology or equivalent


01 years (2 Semesters)


Minimum 16 years of relevant education or BS 4 year’s education with minimum 124 credit hours after HSSC/F.A/F.Sc/Grade 12 equivalent  



    02 years (04 Semesters)

Degree Requirements:

               Minimum 30 credit hours