Masters Of Science In Economics (MScEco.)

Credit Hours Course Title Course Code
3 English I Eng–101
3 Principles of Micro Economics Econ – 102
2 Islamic Studies Isl – 103
3 Mathematics I Math – 104
3 Introduction to Computer Application Comp – 105
3 Optional (Non-Economic) Econ – xxx
17 Total Credit Hours
Credit Hours Course Title Course Code
3 Micro Economics || Econ – 502
3 Macro Economics || Econ – 50
3 Statistics for Economist Econ – 506
3 Managerial Economics Econ – 508
3 Dev. Economics Theory & Policy Econ – 510
3 Political Economy & Global Order Econ – 512
18 Total Credit Hours
Credit Hours Course Title Course Code
3 Econometrics I Econ – 511
3 Mathematical Economics II/td> Econ – 513
3 Financial Management for Business Firm Econ – 515
3 Agricultural Economics Econ – 517
3 Monetary Theory and Policy/td> Econ – 519
15 Total Credit Hours
Credit Hours Course Title Course Code
3 Econometrics II Econ – 514
3 Research Methodology Econ – 516
3 Human Resource Development and Management Econ – 518
3 International Trade Theory and Finance Econ – 510
3 Investment and project Appraisal Econ – 522
3 Economics Principles, Strategies andTechniques of Marketing Econ – 524
18 Total Credit Hours

The mission of Economics Department is to achieve the highest possible standards of
education, teaching and research in Economics. Impart sound theoretical and applied
knowledge of Economics. Also develop awareness in students to become effective
independent researchers and learners.

What you’ll learn

Economics Department offers a progressive & dynamic approach to economic education to
ensure that our student graduates with superior skills for success in business, government
and industry. Economics is a major area that impacts every industry, culture and individual.
It focuses on how people, groups, corporations and countries attempt to allocate limited
resource to satisfy human needs for money, goods and services. As an economics major
students will learn how to create plans to address and forecast societal issues such as
unemployment, inflation and environmental maintenance. The course work includes Micro
economics, Macro economics, Monetary Theory and Policy, Human Resource Development
and Management, Financial Management for business firms and policy and various other

Our faculty has established themselves as important scholars in their respective fields.
Students not only gain knowledge of economics concepts and theories in class room, they
also acquire business experience through lectures and seminars by economists.