Prof. Dr. Mohammad Akram Chaudhary

Welcome to University of Sargodha, Lahore Campus, the leading knowledge-sharing University which focuses on the highest quality of education, research and entrepreneurship in order to prepare students for a brighter future. This is being accomplished through the development of their skills and talents, along with refining student’s enthusiasm for life-long learning, which will help them in their path to becoming future leaders of the State and invaluable agents of knowledge. UOS Lahore Campus aims to disseminate and promote knowledge, widening its base of scientific and literary expertise, maintaining a competitive edge with other universities in the fields of Arts and Sciences, and contributing to discovery and invention.

It is my avidity that this new Sub-Campus becomes one of the great institutions of research as it educates and trains future generations of scientists, economists and leaders, and that it fosters, on the basis of merit and excellence, collaboration and cooperation with other great research universities and the public as well as private sector.

Since universities striving for excellence depend on an atmosphere of exploration and initiative, nurturing and protecting freedom of research, thought and discourse related to scholarly work will be among the primary objectives of UOS Lahore Campus.

Our intention is to create an enduring model for advanced education and scientific research. A complete residential and academic compound will permit the faculty, staff, students, associates and their families to enjoy a rich and broad range of educational programs and social amenities. In providing a strong foundation for all aspects of life and work in the University, we aim to ensure its success in promoting the economic development and social exorbitance of the people of the Kingdom and of the world.

I welcome you at UOS Lahore Campus and wish you all the best!